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Jinan Changlin Air Bag Container Factory Co., Ltd

About Us

Jinan Changlin Air-Bag Container Co., Ltd. established in 1993, which is a hi-tech manufacturer enterprise, specializing in the product design, develop, manufacturer, sell and technical service of marine airbags and pneumatic rubber fenders in China. Jinan Changlin had obtained 16 national patents, including 3 invention patents. CHANGLIN airbag, pneumatic rubber fender and its manufacturing equipment are of invention patents, belong to Jinan Changlin owns intellectual property rights. Since 1996, our company drafted 2 items international standards (ISO14409:2011, ISO17682:2013), 2 items national standards (Fender standard: GB/T21482-2008, Marine Airbag standard: GB/T33487-2017), 3 items industry standards (CB/T3795-1996, CB/T3837-2011, CB/T3948-2001) and 1 items local standard (DB37/T998-2008), above standards made on the incomputable count again and again, testing & experiments base, let us became the leader and navigator in the fields of marine air bag and fender industries in our country and international. Our company can provide the ship launching airbags with high reliability for customers, at present, our products and technology have been applied to launching DWT80,000T barge and it weight 16,000T project ship, successfully and will be applied to launch extra large ships. our company would like to provide first class technical service and systemic solutions to apply airbag launching technology, to contract the airbag launching engineering,to design shipbuilding berth and ship launching ramp sepcially for Airbag launching technology, to offer airbag launcing calculation service and technical training service for customers from local and abroad.

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