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Yiwu Doli Machinery & Parts Co.,Ltd

About Us

Yiwu Doli Machinery & Parts Co., Ltd is specializing in the manufacturing School Exercise Book, Notebook Binding Machinery and machine parts in China. Regarding machines our focus is on the finishing and binding equipment to make exercise books and notebooks. For binding we cover saddle stitching, wire spiral, water-based glues or hot melt glues. Examples are: - Hard Cover Corner Rounding Machine, Automatic Paper Punching Machine, Paper Cutting Machine, Spiral Binding Notebook Machine, Water Based White Glue Binding Notebook Machine, Hot Melt Glue Binding Notebook Machine, Saddle Stitching Notebook Binding Machine, etc. Regarding to the parts and accessories we especially focus on the resin printing plates, saddle stitching wires, water based white glues, hot melt glues, Wire-O-Binding coils, single spiral coils, etc. Yiwu Doli Machinery & Parts Co., Ltd aims to supply the machines and parts according to different customers' requirements. Our intention is to help our customers with quality production accompanied by competitive prices and excellent after sale services. Yiwu Doli Machinery & Parts Co., Ltd has been involved with the business of exercise book and notebook processing area since 2011. Please contact us for pricing for your future needs

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