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Rapid Direct Co., Ltd

About Us

Rapid Direct is a powerful team for rapid prototyping services and custom parts manufacturing in China. We mainly provide high-quality prototype manufacturing, rapid tooling and custom parts processing services to make the ideas and designs of R&D Engineers come true. For prototyping services, we can process different materials. We can provide Plastic( like ABS, POM, PA, PC ect. ), metal( like Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Titanium ect. ), Elastomer and some special materials as our clients requested. And we mainly have 4 kinds of processing methods: CNC machining, Injection Molding, Metal Sheet Fabricate and 3D Printing. Over 20 kinds of various surface treatments which can greatly satisfy the needs of clients. Besides, we are a huge group with over 200 technical specialists which can provide you the first class prototyping services and professional manufacturing consultation. With over years rapid prototyping professional experience, we've delivered over 7000 projects among several industrial like, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical device, Consumer products. We proud that our clients are include BMW, Volkswagen, FILR SYSTERMS, HUawei etc. Owing to the superior prototyping services that we provided, we’ve won the deep trust of our clients. If you need some high quality rapid prototype quickly, we are your best choice. Feel free to contact us for a quote, I’m sure you’ll have a pleased experience on our prototyping service.

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