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1.0G / Cm3 Magnesium Metal Powder 200 Mesh For Aviation / Aerospace / Military


1.0G / Cm3 Magnesium Metal Powder 200 Mesh For Aviation / Aerospace / Military Industry Quick Details:Product Name : Magnesium Metal PowderApplication : Welding materialChemical Composition : Mg ≥ 99%Feature : Sliver powderStandard : GB 5149-2004Dangerous : FlammableManufacturer : Shanghai Jordon HAZARDS IDENTIFICATIONEMERGENCY OVERVIEWHighly flammable. Contact with water liberates extremely flammable gases.Water-reactive.Potential Health EffectsEye:Dust may cause mechanical irritation.Skin:Dust may cause mechanical irritation. Particles embedded in the skin may cause "chemical gas gangrene" with symptoms of persistent lesions, inflammation and gas bubbles under the skin.Ingestion:May cause irritation of the digestive tract. Low hazard for usual industrial handling.Inhalation:May cause respiratory tract irritation. Inhalation of fumes may cause metal fume fever, which is characterized by flu-like symptoms with metallic taste, fever, chills, cough, weakness, chest pain, muscle pain and increased white blood cell count. Product Specification:· Silver white granule shapes,round shape,round shape and diamond shape.· Without lump and dregs in finished products.· Sizing scope: 20-325 mesh.· Product Chemical and Physical propertyMagnesium Powder GradeChemical Composition,%Physical PropertiesMgImpurity Content,%,≤ Size DistributionCSPFeSiMnFMG≥990.030.030.0050.20.020.0220-400mesh Product Description:· Burning-resistant time at high temperature:not less than 15---18 second at 1000°C· Density of relax stack:1.0g/cm3· Production technology characteristic:machine-cutting processed, then coating processed.· Burning point: in average, not lower than 600 °C.· Rests angle (IC): smaller than 26° Application:· 18-80 mesh(1.0mm-0.17mm),1.6-0.5mm for steel industry.· 40-90mesh (0.425-0.17mm), 30-50mesh (0.6-0.3mm) for chemical industry.· 100 mesh, 150 mesh, 200 mesh for aviation, aerospace, military industry.· 80mesh for welding materials. Product Advantages:· High purity and good quality· Particle size distribution is homogeneous· Composition and particle size can be controlled Magnesium PowderGrad Chemecial composition(um)(%)(%)(g/cm3) FeCl-H2O FM1+5000.398.50.350.20.0050.100.2+4502-2508FM2+4500.398.50.350.20.0050.100.2+3158-18012FM3+4500.398.50.380.20.0050.100.2+2508-14012FM4+2500.398.50.400.20.0050.100.2+1806-10012FM5+1600.398.50.450.20.0050.100.2+10010 We could provide different kinds of Magnesium Metal Powder which according to your requirements.Welcome to contact us if you interested in our products.

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