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235G PP Polyester Woven Geotextile Soil Filter Fabric 40KN / 40KN


235G PP Polyester Woven Geotextile Soil Filter Fabric 40KN / 40KN The extra-breadth and high-strength woven geotextile(WGT) is widely used in soft soil foundation improvement, soil and gravel course separation,water discharge and seepage prevention to effectively prevent surfacing of soil and sinking of bed course. Quick detail:Material: PP,PEWeight: 235g/m^2Width: ≤8mTensile strength: Warp@40kN/m, Weft@40kN/m Specifications: Woven Geotextile WGT 235 Technical SpecificationPropertyTest MethodUnitIndexWeightASTM D5261g/m²235Tolerance +/-10Tensile strength warp kn/m40Tensile strength weft kn/m40Elongation %≤25Trapezoid Tear StrengthASTM D4533kn0.3CBR Puncture ResistanceASTM D6241kn3.9Equivalent bore diameter mm0.08~0.5Vertical filtration coefficientASTM D4491cm/s10-1~10-4UV ResistanceASTM D4355%/hrs70/500PackagingDetailsRoll Dimensions(W×L)According to customer requirementsSquare Meters Per RollEstimated Roll Weight Description:Such geotextile (WGT) has incomparable advantages in reinforcement over the geogrid,characterized by the following:1.High strength, with identical strength of warp and weft when necessary.2.The woven geotextile undergoes a stabilizing process in production so that it has fair stability and creep behavior.3.The geotextile has a breadth of 8m such that lapping is reduced and lapping strength in increased.4.The woven geotextile serves multiple purposes of separation,water discharge and seepage prevention.5.Competitive advantage. Light weight, High strength, Good integrity, Convenient application, Effective reinforcement, Low cost. Applications: Hydraulic projectSea embankment, river bank, lake dikeTideflat reclamation worksFlexible mattressSand-filled geotextile bagAnti-flood rescue work Road constructionSoft soil improvementSlope protetionRoad surface anti-reflectionJoint coruseDrainageGreenbelt Railway projectRailway bed course reinforcementRailway slope reinforcementTunnel anti-water skirtingCovert ditch for water dischargePower plant projectEarthwork for nuclearPower plantFly ash dam for coal-firedPower plant Hydropower station Aviation projectRunway foundation improvementStructural course for apronFoundation and surfaceAirport road and drainage system

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