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40s/2 Commercial Polyester Sewing Thread On Dyeing Plastic Tube Anti Pilling


40s/2 5000Y Sewing For Jeans 100% Spun Polyester Sewing Thread Anti-Pilling Product Name100% polyester sewing threadMaterial100% Polyester spun yarn, high qualityColorVarious colors, we can produce as per Coats and A&E`s color number and buyer`s samplesTwist directionsingle S, twist ZCountSemi-dull: Bright: 20/2 20/3 20/4 20/6 20/9TFO 30/2 30/3 40/2 40/3 50/2 50/3 60/2 60/3 42/2 44/2 45/2 52/2FeatureHigh strength, low-elongation, well sewing performanceTechniqueTFO / Ring Twist Standard package: 12cones / box -10 boxes / carton ,120cones / carton ; 60cones / carton. ApplicationSpecificationLength ExampleUsages Recommendation20s/23000M, 5000MJeans, shoes, caps, leather products, etc.20s/32000M, 3000MJeans, shoes, handbags, leather products, etc.20s/91000M, 2000M, 3000Mclosing bags30s/23000M, 5000MJeans, handbags, sewing of keyhole and fastener, etc.30s/32000M, 3000M, 5000MTents jeans, leather products, shoes, ect.40s/23000M, 5000MSuits, trousers, coats, Sewing of button-hole and button-sew, etc.40s/32000M, 3000M, 5000Mheavy garments, tabernacle, etc.50s/23000M, 5000MKnitted garments, blouses, suit-dress, etc.60s/25000M, 10000MKnitted garments, suit- dress, over lock thread, etc.60s/33000M, 5000MKnitted garments, fashionable dress, suit-dress, etc.Other countsWe can produce follow your request. Our promise 1. Ensure the products to meet the quality standards 2. Ensure the goods to be inspected each order and delivered"font-size:14px"E. Excellent quality, competitive price & professional service.

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