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China Glass Jar


we can supply China Glass JarHere are brief introduction of our company:China glass bottles and jars(China Xuzhou Dahua Glassware Co., Ltd.) --- Expert and excellent Manufacturer in Glassware production.MSN:xztt0516@hotmail.com We produce many kinds of wine bottles with capacity from 30ML to 2500ML, e.g. Ratafee bottle, Grape wine bottle, Brandy bottle, Mini bottle and Red wine bottle, etc.Emai:bolipingxiaoshou@163.com.HTTP://www.glassbottlechina.com.cn

  • Purchase Type:  Mechanical equipment.
  • Quantity:  
  • Packaging:  
  • Place of Origin:  JiangSu
  • PriceTerms:  
  • Delivery Lead Time:  
  • Information validity to:  2009-1-27
  • Contact Preference:  Intended person ask phone connection.

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