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ESC / POS Automatic Dot-line Kiosk Thermal Printer wtih GDI Printing ZTP80-H60


ESC / POS Automatic Dot-line Kiosk Thermal Printer wtih GDI Printing ZTP80-H60 Description: SZZT thermal printer ZTP80-H60 is reliable and adaptable thanks to illuminated paper mouths, multi-position roll holders, multiple mounting choices, high speed and resolution, USB and RS232 communication with GDI printing. Meanwhile, the printer installed anti-jam structure to ensure the normal operation. The printer supports a variety of barcode print, for example the EAN8,EAN13,CODE39,CODE128,etc. Applications: ATM and Kiosk, Vending machines and Panel mount printers Functions:Adjustable Paper width by the userGDI printingThe automatic cutterPaper to make alarmThe black label positioning function can print fixed length receipt.Support ESC/POS command Bar code printingSerial RS232 + USB and Ethernet interfaceThe"font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif"Windows

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