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High Temperature Resistant Light Weight Silica Brick, Insulating Bricks For Fur


High Temperature Resistant Light Weight Silica Brick, Insulating Bricks For Furnaces and Kilns The most competitive price,good quality,safty packing,prompt delivery time,and excellent after-sales services.Lighter weight,Low thermal conductivity,low impurities,high insulating properties,high CCS and exact tolerance. Description:It is mainly made of top class silica, via shaping and burning under the high temperature,possesses high temperature resistant,high strength and low impurities,etc.It is mainly used for blast furnaces and hot blast stove. Light weight silica brick: 1) Silicon oxide is above 95%. 2) Good acid erosion resistance. 3) High softening point Applications:Light weight silica bricks are primarily used for furnaces and kilns in metallurgy, steel, power, chemical industry, and electric power and machine building etc areas Specifications: LA-1.00 LA-1.10 LA-1.15 LA-1.20SiO2 minmin91%min91%min91%min91%Bulk Densityg/cm31. change after reheatingmax1450 x 2h0.5%1550 x 2h0.5%Refractoriness under load (0.1Mpa) (min)1400142015001520Thermal conductivity coefficient (W/m.k) (max)0.550.600.650.70 Competitive Advantage:1.Best price, make the products competitive in your market2.Abundant Experience.3.Strict Quality Control. Meet clientsquality requirement.4.Large stocks. Guarantee prompt delivery.5.Professional Packing. Avoid damage and secure the goods in transportation

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