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High Tenacity 4000Y/5000Y Polyester Coats Sewing Thread Colorful Wear Resistant


High Tenacity 3000Y/4000y/5000y 30/2 40/2 Much Color To Choose Polyester SewingThread for Coats Basics of thread constructionAll conventional sewing threads begin their production cycle as simple yarns. These basic yarns are produced by twisting together relatively short fibres or fine continuous filaments. Some terms used in the context of thread construction are: Twist – The ‘twist’ of a thread refers to the number of turns per unit length required to hold the fibres / plies together to give the yarn / thread substance the required strength and flexibility. A thread with an excessive twist is also likely to give trouble while sewing due to ‘twist liveliness’, which can cause snarling, loops, knots and possible spillage that prohibit stitch formation. Twist direction – Direction of twist is identified as ‘S’ for left twist and ‘Z’ for right twist. Most single needle lock stitch and other machines are designed for ‘Z’ twist threads. ‘S’ twist thread untwists during stitch formation. Direction of twist does not affect the strength of the thread, but it can seriously impair its performance when it is used"margin-left:20px; margin-right:20px"

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