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Milling Machine Tools Ball Nose Long End Mill Bits With TiSiN Coating Surface


Quick Detail:0.5-0.6um Mirco grain size solid carbide rodTIALN Coating ,high Aluminium (Black),Middle Aluminium(Purple)Made by 5 AXIS CNC grinderChecked by Zoller Inspection EquipmentWorkpiece upto HRC501 piece packing.Standard Type Applications:Fit for milling quenching and tempered steel.stainless steel.nickel alloy and Titanium alloy,Cast iron,enhanced composited material with fiberglass,Also fit for milling copper.Description:Ultra-Fine Grain Szie 0.5-0.6um, Wc carbide rod with high tenacity,with high quality TiAlN coating,getting long tool life,from roughing to finishing processing,reduce time of changing cutters,improving efficency of machine,saving time of making moulds.Suggest to process iron and steel upto HRC55,Middle-High speed.Carbide Rod:Wc:88%,Co:12%,TRS:4000N/mm2, Grain Size:0.5-0.6um Specifications:Order NoCutting DiameterFlute LengthShank DiameterA.O.LdlDLR4×16×8D×100L×2F8168100 we also supply other long size ball nose end millOrder NoCutting DiaShankCutting LengthAOLdDlLR2.5×10×6D×100L×2F5610100R3.0×12×6D×75L×2F661275R3.0×12×6D×100L×2F6612100R3.0×12×6D×150L×2F6612150R4.0×16×8D×75L×2F881675R4.0×16×8D×100L×2F8816100R4.0×16×8D×150L×2F8816150R5.0×20×10D×100L×2F101020100R5.0×20×10D×150L×2F101020150R6.0×24×12D×100L×2F121224100R6.0×24×12D×150L×2F121224150R7.0×28×14D×150L×2F141428150R8.0×32×16D×150L×2F161632150R10×40×20D×150L×2F202040150Competitive Advantage:Good and Stable Quality.New Coating TiSiAlN Improve the performance in high hardness material and stainless steel.Competitive price.Help the agent to get the get more large market in the quality products. Our production capacityProduction EquipmentMachine QuantityProduct NameProduction NersonnelMonthly OutputGerman Walter2Tungsten Steel Drill,Endmill,Reamer,Thread MillEngineer: 2Poduction staff: 620000PCSAustralia ANCA3Tungsten Steel Drill,Endmill,Reamer,Thread MillEngineer: 2Poduction staff: 430000PCSGermanyMichael Deck2Tungsten Steel Endmill,ReamerEngineer: 2Poduction staff: 420000PCS 1. Is your company a trading"3-4.pdf"3-4.pdf

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  • PriceTerms:  USD 7 to 10 per pcs
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  • Information validity to:  2017-1-15
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Description:Ultra-Fine Grain Szie 0.5-0.6um, Wc carb...
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Quick Detail:0.6-0.8um Ultra-Fine grain size solid carb...
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