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PE Plastic Rebar Supports


Clips for Insulation , Plastic Concrete Rebar Insulation Clip , Chair Rebar Plastic Clip , Chair Rebar Plastic Spacer Products Description Rebar spacer is used for rebar insulation in construction projects to prevent rebar from sliding. It is easy to use. Suitable rebar size D5mm - 25mm Function Used for rebar insulation in construction Type Corssed-shape and paralleled-shape Raw material PE Size SizeSizeSize5/1610/1212/188/810/1412/208/1010/1612/258/1210/1814/148/1410/2014/168/1610/2514/188/1812/1214/208/2012/1414/258/2512/1616/1610/1018/1816/2518/2018/2520/20 20/2525/25 Packing & Delivery Packaging Details: Nylon Bags/Cartons/CustomizedDelivery Detail: Usually within 7 days after receiving full payment Our Service Advantage 1. We offer the plastic product plastic spacers. 2. Resin products from mold making to production, you can create a made-to-order. 3. 13 units molding machine is running. 4. Founded more than 65 years later, there are more than 2,000 transactions in Japan. 5. Reliability and have a proven track record in Japan, and I guarantee high quality. 6. We support a wide range of mass from small lot lot.

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