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Specification:Heat ?Cresistance: 90??-100??Life Guarantee: 70 thousand kmsPK belt total overview:Automotive V-ribbed belts used in the drive generators, fans, water pumps, air compressors and power steering systems and other gear transmission, sub-transmission mode based on single-sided ribbed,double-sided belts.Our v-ribbed belts are produced by advanced foreign technology and imported equipments, our main raw materials for product (such as frame materials, rubber, etc.) are imported from abroad leading professional companies.Our v-ribbed belts have passed national technical verification, won the title of "National Key New Product". Our product's quality has reached the advanced and same level as foreign renowned brand.1.Its excellent bending and straightening ability makes it suitable for small belt wheel and inversed2.Good transmission efficiency3.Low noise4.Fiber reinforced compound rubber ensures excellent thermotolerance, oil resistance and attrition resistanceALT:(Alternator/generator )TSR:(Tensioner)AC:(Airconditioner)CS:(Camshaft)WP:(Waterpump)Zhoushan Dazhong Rubber Belt Co.LTD was founded in the 1980s and takes a leading position in the industry. It is a professional large high-tech enterprise specializes in producing Timing belt, V-belt, PK belt, CVT belt, industrial timing belt and cutting V-belt etc. The company has all series of imported equipments and production lines, such as international advanced level pre-belt precision molding machine, refining production lines, V-belt production line, Injection molding machine and inspection, testing equipments etc, which make us stand on the top level of the world in production technology and equipment. Detail: http://www.automotivedrivingbelt.com/product/automotive-v-ribbed-belt-pk-belt/

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  • Quantity:  10000
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  • Place of Origin:  china
  • PriceTerms:  t/t, l/c
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  • Information validity to:  2017-2-7
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