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STP Format 3D Design Auto Part Mould Plastic Car Parts Injection Moulding


STP Format 3D Design Plastic Car Parts Products Mould for Auto Part Mould Wishmoulds Service We are your custom injection mold manufacturer, here to provide you with industry-leading prototype & short-run tooling for your product development and low-volume/high-volume production projects. Our system, comprised of a highly skilled team, state of the art equipment allows us to quickly convert your 3D parts into high quality injection mold tooling. Taking your design and converting them into high precision molds for making plastic parts. WISHMOULDS plastic parts serve OEM requirements for demanding automotive, Medical, Electronics, Food ,home appliance, and industrial applications.Whether you need a handful of parts, or larger quantities our systems are equipped to to provide you with the right custom part manufacturing solutions. Application Range: 1. Automobile: 1:1,1:10 or 1:16 car model, Auto parts: bumper, dashboard,car lamp, motorcycle, scooter, bike and etc.2. Medical devices: Scanner case, Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging care etc.3. Household appliance: Cooker, air conditioner, TV, fan, shower, fridge,coffee machine and head shower ,bath equipment etc.4. Consumer electronics: Digital camera, mp3 player, television, calculators,GPS electronics, DVD / VCD player and etc.5. Telecommunications: micro phone, speaker, monitor case, computer and etc.6. Others: customer made, toys, exhibition samples, testing samples.process of plastic injection moulding Mould Business Procedure R&DWe support customer R&D, Make the files or imporve the design if needed.Quotation & paymentwe quoted based"font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif"Mob/whatsapp/Wechat: 0086-18824331851

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