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Strength Polypropylene Biaxial Geogrid 300G For Protective Soil , Black


Strength Polypropylene Biaxial Geogrid 300G For Protective Soil , Black Quick detail: Mass/Unit Area: 300g/m^2Wide Width Tensile StrengthMD: ≥20kn/mCMD: ≥20kn/m Description: The Bidirectional-elongation plastic geogrid is made of macromolecular polymer through a number of processes including extrusion, sheet forming, punching, and vertical/horizontal elongation. This product has a remarkable tensile strength both vertically and horizontally. Such a construction also provides and idea interlocking system for load bearing and dispersion in the soil, and is suitable for reinforcement of foundations that require large-area and permanent load bearing. Specifications: Geogrids Biaxial GGB20 Technical SpecificationPropertyTest MethodUnitIndexMass/Unite AreaASTM D5261G/M^2300Wide Width Tensile StrengthASTM D6637 MDASTM D6637KN/M≥20CMDASTM D6637KN/M≥20Elongation At BreakASTM D6637 Tensile Strength @2% MDASTM D6637KN/M8CMDASTM D6637KN/M10Tensile Strength @5% MDASTM D6637KN/M10CMDASTM D6637KN/M13Packaging DetailsRoll Dimensions(W×L) According to customer requirementsSquare Meters Per Roll Estimated Roll Weight Applications: The Bidirectional-elongation geogrid is suitable for reinforcement of dike, dam and road bed, protection of slope, reinforcement of tunnel wall, and foundation improvement for airport, car park, dock and other facility that requirement load bearing.Increase load bearing capacity of road bed or foundation, and extend their useful life;Prevent road bed or foundation from sinking or cracking;Application is convenient and labor and work/maintenance cost is saved;Prevent crackling in tunnel and culvert;Reinforce earth slope and prevent water and soil loss;Reduce padding thickness to save cost;Add to the stability of slopes with turf meshes;Substitute for meshed metal sheet for use"width: 550px; height: 430px;" /

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