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White Bead Solid Acrylic Resin DY1008 Equivalent To Lucite E - 2010 Used In PVC


White Bead Solid Acrylic Resin DY1008 Equivalent To Lucite E - 2010 Used In PVC Inks And Coatings . CAS No.: 25035-69-2 . Specifications:ItemTest MethodUnitIndexAppearanceBy Visual/BeadGlass Transition TemperatureASTM D-3418ºC96Molecular WeightASTM D-3593g/mol90,000Inherent ViscosityASTM D-2857 0.39Acid ValueISO-3682mg KOH/g≤1.0Moisture ContentISO-3251%≤1.0CountertypeRohm & HassA-11LuciteE-2010 E-3000DSMB-736MRCMB-2952DegussaM-345 . Applications:Leather finishing agent, plastic varnish, PVC printing inks and coatings etc. . Solubility:DY1008 is easily soluble in organic solvents such as ketones, esters and aromatic hydrocarbons etc. . Properties:DY1008 is the copolymer of methyl methacrylate, it has good properties such as durability, alcohol resistance, chemical resistance and plasticizer migration resistance.DY1008 has good dispersion effect of aluminum powder, as well as good compatibility with CAB, NC and vinyl resins etc. . Packing and Storage:Packed in craft-paper bag lined with PP film as per 25Kg/bagStored in the place where is cool, dry, ventilated and far from the fire and organic solventsShelf time: 3 years . Advantage:More appropriate price under the same quality as the"height:375px; width:500px" /

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