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ball lens


Spherical Ball Lenses are commonly used for laser collimating and focusing, Larger spheres are easier to handle and ease the sensitivity of translational alignment. However, smaller spheres has the benefit of fitting into smaller packages. we can manufacture them from all of the glass, CaF2 material and optical crystal. Complete spheres Maximum collection angle Anti-reflection coating available. Material:optical glass ,fused silicaDiameter Ellipticity:0/-0.005mmDiameter tolerance:0/-0.005mm Surface accuracy:1/2λ—2λSurface quality:60—40scratch and digClear aperture:90%Coating:avaliable upon request

  • Purchase Type:  components and parts.
  • Quantity:  10000
  • Packaging:  cardboard box
  • Place of Origin:  China
  • PriceTerms:  FOB
  • Delivery Lead Time:  20 days
  • Information validity to:  2016-1-24
  • Contact Preference:  Intended person ask phone connection.

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