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hot sale fish meal high protein


Specifications fish meal for sale 1.manufacturer price 2.best price 3.protein:65%fish meal for sale Features Fish contains a variety of nutrients comprise animal tissue, maintain normal metabolism, growth, reproduction is required, has improved the utilization rate of feed and promote animal growth, improve animal disease resistance ability, is in the high-grade animal feed irreplaceable quality protein sources.The companys level of fish meal in fish as raw material, the use of modern processing technology, high quality fish after cooking, pressing, drying, crushing and other refining processes. The quality indicators have exceeded the level of fish meal requirements prescribed by the state, the product has a stable and reliable quality, freshness is good, fish powder flavor, protein content is high, easy to decompose, easy to digest, easy to absorb.SpecificationProtein: 65% minMoisture : 10 % maxFat : 10% maxSalt : 3 % maxSand : 3 % maxAsh : 17% maxAntioxidant : 150 ppm min at the time of loadingFree from salmonella, melamine, ecoliAdvantage1.High Protein2.Quickly prmote heathy and Growth3.Enhance Nutrition of poultry 4.Soft Powder and good texture5.Free from any Rot odour

  • Purchase Type:  Raw materials.
  • Quantity:  20mt
  • Packaging:  50 kg woven plastic bag or paper plastic bag
  • Place of Origin:  China
  • PriceTerms:  tt/lc
  • Delivery Lead Time:  7---15days
  • Information validity to:  2017-2-2
  • Contact Preference:  Intended person ask phone connection.

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Specifications fish meal for sale 1.manufacturer price ...
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Specifications fish meal for sale 1.manufacturer price ...
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