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plastic injection moulds,pin core,core pins and sleeves


Dongguan YIZE MOULD Co.,LTD is a manufacturer specializing in precision mould components, precision plastic mould components, metal stamping mold components, connector mould components, non-standard round parts, carbide components. Products are used in many fields such as precision stamping mould, plastic mould, auto mould, pharmaceutical mould, computer connector mould and other factory automatic components. It has accumulated rich and professional experience in mould components manufacturing, technology, marketing and service, winning recognition and support from customer evaluation both at home and abroad. YIZE MOULD adopts advanced manufacturing equipment and processing technology from Japan, products mainly sold to countries and regions like Germany, United States, Japan, Italy, Israel, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. We can manufacture, process and test products according to customers’ demands with reference to world brand as well as international industry standards like GB, JIS, DIN and AISI. Products precision: size tolerance±0.001mm,co-axiality within 0.002, circularity 0.0015mm, surface roughness Ra0.025,linearity 300mm within 0.002. A prototype plastic injection moulds,pin core,core pins and sleeves is used to be low cost and mainly used in order to manufacture productors.This type of mold components life is approximately up to produce 1,000 pcs of products.The low quality precision mold components is half cost of high quality mold components.But the life of high quality mold component’s expectancy is approximately up to 500,000 pcs products. yizeedm11

  • Purchase Type:  components and parts.
  • Quantity:   1000piece/week
  • Packaging:  Inner packing with recycle plastic box and anticorrosive oil,outer with sponge and PE bag
  • Place of Origin:   China
  • PriceTerms:   $10-80/piece
  • Delivery Lead Time:   7-10days
  • Information validity to:  2017-2-10
  • Contact Preference:  Any clients who are interested in our products, just click our website or call us.

Contact Information

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    Mold Yize
  • Address:
    No.122 Hexing Road, Xinsha Industrial Area, South Shatou Area, Chang an Town Dongguan Guangdong
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